Lee Kyoung Jae is a Korean sculptor and graduate of the College of Fine Arts at Mokwon University and the CARRARA Fine Arts Academy in Sculpture in Italy. Park Sook Young, renowned Professor of Ewha Women¹s University, cited that Lee is neither affected by the various art trends of the past nor the fad of current times, creating art that is dictated solely by his own unique rhythm and order.² She goes on to say that Lee goes against the recent trend of sculpture as a more two dimensional art by ³expressing the human body through the use of stone in an attempt to emphasize weight and traditional carving method.

Lee, Kyoung Jae has showcased his work at exhibits across Korea and Italy, including private and group exhibitions. His awards include winner of the 11th Magazine Ad Category of the Visual Arts Competition in Monterchi, Italy in 1996 and the 1993 first prize winner of the 31st "Cardo d'argento" exhibition in Firenze, Italy.

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